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In this series of 'FOLLOW US!' we want to highlight interesting Instagram pages about Singapore's marine biodiversity and seashores that are worthy of following!
Here, we have Our Singapore Reefs (@oursingaporereefs). Affectionately called OSR, a group of passionate advocates started this not-for-profit initiative that is fuelled by the love of the oceans and its inhabitants.

Their aim is to create a common platform for individuals, local businesses and the scientific community to combat marine debris together. Through OSR, they also hope to strengthen appreciation of the vast marine biodiversity in our home reefs. In order to achieve these goals, OSR has been working closely with like-minded businesses, NGOs, and governmental agencies. Despite being a relatively young initiative, OSR has organized numerous events such as underwater clean-ups, movie screening, public talks, and citizen science events since its founding. Today, others who share the same goal and love for the oceans have joined our cause:

Our Singapore Reefs, Our Treasure, Our Responsibility.

Be sure to FOLLOW US! on Our Singapore Reefs to get your dose of Singapore's marine wildlife!

One of their latest initiative is the launch of a series of Ang Baos with a taste of the sea! Comes in 4 unique designs with Chinese New Year greeting 'puns' from the ocean. Proceeds from the sale will fund their underwater dive cleanups, and support other worthy marine efforts in Singapore! Please help to support them! More details on how to place an order here:

No chance to give it out this year? Buy for next year then! :D

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