Launch of "The Young Marine Biologist" badge with Science Centre Singapore

The "I Am A Young Marine Biologist" badge has just been launched on 12 November 2019 at the Science Centre Singapore! Check out the lovely pin logo that features a clownfish with a sea anemone.

The Young Scientist Badge Scheme has been around for a long time, with the objectives of stimulating interest in science activities among the young primary school students. This enables the students to carry out self-directed activities in various disciplines of science, and hope that students develop initiatives and creativity.

What a beautiful badge! Photo by Jani Tanzil.
As part of the Singapore Blue Plan 2018's roadmap of initiatives, the blue community at large, led by several marine scientists were the brains behind this new endeavour! We are so lucky to have Dr Toh Tai Chong, a coral reef biologist to share the development of the card activities and badge design.

Opening Address by A/P Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive, Science Centre Singapore. Photo by Our Singapore Reefs.

After the launch of the Singapore Blue Plan 2018, the community had a public engagement session last December 2018 to gather feedback on what are feasible ideas to introduce marine science to our young ones. Since then, Our Singapore Reefs has been working with Science Centre Singapore and Singapore Institute of Biology to develop the badge.

With feedback from the teachers, Academy of Singapore Teachers (AST) and scientists from SAAS, we really hope the young ones will love this! As a pilot, the students from Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Primary) will trial the activities over the next 3 months.

Sharing by Dr Toh Tai Chong, coral reef biologist. Photo by Jani Tanzil.

After the trial period, the Young Marine Biologist cards will officially go on sale at the Science Centre Singapore in March 2020!

Photo by Jani Tanzil.

Hooray! Photo by Jani Tanzil.

26 Oct (Sat): Migratory Birdwatching 101 at Sungei Buloh

Migratory bird season is here again. Every year, thousands of birds escape the cold north to spend the winter months in the warmer southern parts of the earth. Singapore, especially Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, is a favourite stop-over for these birds.
Common greenshanks (Tringa nebularia)
Want to know these birds but don't know how to get started? Sungei Buloh is conducting a workshop for the novice. No prior skill/knowledge is required. Registration opens on 11 October 2019 at 8am.

12 Oct (Sat): Welcome Waders! at Sungei Buloh

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve is celebrating the return of the migratory birds with Welcome Waders!, their annual event held in conjunction with the World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD).
Go on a journey with these amazing migratory shorebirds. Learn about how these birds connects Singapore with the Arctic and the impact of marine trash. Kids can have a go at being a Junior Birder for a day!

Bring your friends and family and for a day of fun, and learn about our migratory shorebirds at the same time!

IYOR Intern's Take on Singapore's Marine Life - How sea anemones evade predators?

Now that you got to know a bit more about the sea anemones, so how sea anemones evade predators? Let's find out in this post!

The Game of Survival 

Stealthy, quiet, and well-camouflaged, the sea anemones are likened to ninjas of the sea. Photo credits: Grae Hunter

A typical sea anemone (aka sea ninja) has to evade its predators, battle other anemones, and find its next meal in an ocean of scarcity and competition. Toxins are a sea anemone’s most vital weapon because they play a part in capturing prey, repelling predators, digestion, and interspecies competition.

IYOR Intern's Take on Singapore's Marine Life - Sea Anemones aka 'Sea Ninjas'

Celebrating Singapore Shores 2019 at Berlayer Creek! It couldn't have been possible without the hard work of our IYOR Interns!
Our IYOR Interns are such a talented bunch! From making videos to creating art works, they have done so much to raise awareness about Singapore's shores over the past year. In this mini series, we will be featuring one intern's passion for sea anemones as she shares about them through writing about them in a fun and creative way! She hopes that you will fall in love with the sea anemones, just like she did! 😁😁😁

The Sea Ninjas - Sea Anemones

Sea anemones are like the middle children of marine life. They don’t get as much attention as their more popular siblings i.e. your corals and jellyfish. Like corals and jellyfish, sea anemones fall in the phylum known as Cnidaria. Cnidaria is an ancient venomous phylum, which is distinguished by a unique feature known as cnidae. Cnidae play a variety of role in predation, adhesion and defence. Cnidarians are incredibly diverse in terms of diet, behaviour and habitat. 

14 Sep (Sat): Fishing community joins MPA Marine Clean-Up Day

The folks behind sustainable fishing, Marine Stewards Singapore, are officially joining in MPA's Marine Clean-Up Day. Fishing teams, boats etc will show that the fishing community are contributing and helping to keep our environment clean.
From their facebook event post, you can:
1) Clean up whereever you fish (even on a boat, scoop passing trash)
2) Join the beach cleanup, or
3) Join the kayak clean up (18 years or older, experience required)

You must register to be counted! Even if you do a clean up by yourself or on a boat.

Hope for Sisters' Islands Marine Park being named a Mission Blue Hope Spot!

Singapore aims for its first marine Hope Spot with Sisters' Islands Marine Park. Photo: Straits Times Lim Yaohui.
The Sisters' Islands Marine Park might become the Republic's first "Hope Spot" under the international initiative, Mission Blue, which draws public attention to marine areas which may need more protection!

7 Sep (Sat): Project IsLand-A-Hand - Coney Island

Love the environment, keen to explore the wilderness of Coney, and want to make a difference? Join the volunteers of Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) for Project IsLand-A-Hand (PIAH) on 7 Sept 2019 as they lend a hand to protect our environment!
What's new this time? Look forward to interesting learning journeys - join guided nature trails and butterfly surveys at Coney Island. Come meet some of Singapore's environment advocates and learn what YOU can do to protect the environment.

FREE, sign up now at:

Shore exploration for kids with Young Nautilus (Oct-Dec 2019)

Join Young Nautilus to explore our own coastal backyard in Singapore, and take a closer look at the amazing animals! Expose your children to science and nature, see in action what they have learnt in schools about wildlife! Here's their public programmes.

Founded by educators equipped with degrees in Life Science and Marine Biology, Young Nautilus is an education enrichment partner for schools and families that provide fun and engaging science learning journeys. By fostering a deeper understanding of the world and the dynamic changes that shape it, we enrich what are taught in the MOE syllabus.