21 Nov 2021

10 Dec (Fri): Kayak the Seringat Trail with kayakasia

"The best deserted beach in Singapore, by a mile!" Join Kayakasia and paddle from the beaches of Sentosa to Seringat Island, to laze on a white sand deserted beach.
This is one of the most fun southern island trips they organise, with lots of kayaking, swimming and tranquility. Also called the Pink Lagoon & Secret Lagoon trail...come find out why! 

More details on their facebook event page.

13 Nov 2021

End Nov 2021 kayak tours of Northern shores with Kayakasia

Join these guided kayak tours suitable for beginners and families. At Pulau Ubin, Khatib Bongsu and Sungei Simpang.
More details on their facebook events page.

15 Nov (Mon): Ubin 2 Rivers Trail
17 Nov (Wed): Khatib Bongsu River Trail

18 Nov (Thu): Khatib Bongsu River Trail

29 Nov (Mon): Sunrise Simpang River Trail

7 Nov 2021

Sisters’ Islands Marine Park closed until end Mar 2024

Sisters’ Islands Marine Park is closed for enhancement works till end March 2024 - from the NParks website.
Sisters Islands from St John's Island
The Sisters Islands seen from St John's Island

But you can still visit the Marine Park Gallery at St John's Island! 

11 Oct 2021

11 Nov (Thu): Southern Islands kayaking for the family with kayakasia

Visit the parkland of St John's island, go on a short nature hike to the Sisters' Island Public Gallery and swim in its clear waters. Get to also see Pulau Tekukor, St John's almost forgotten neighbour, that is now home to sea eagles that soar our Southern shores!
Suitable for fit beginners and families.

19 Oct (Tue): Explore Ubin's 3 rivers with Kayakasia

Join Kayakasia to explore the mangroves of Pulau Ubin and see a part of Singapore only accessible by kayaks.

Suitable for beginners, families and kids. 

30 Sept 2021

9 Oct (Sat): Wader Watch at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Every year, thousands of migratory shorebirds arrive at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve to escape the harsh winters in the north! 
Common greenshanks (Tringa nebularia)
This year, we celebrate their return with Wader Watch, an online workshop where you can learn how to identify these amazing birds and learn about the arduous journey that they undertake as they fly from as far as Russia and China to Singapore!

This online programme is held in conjunction with the World Migratory Bird Day, which falls on 9 October this year. It will feature our resident shorebird expert from Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, David Li, who has more than 20 years of experience in the field of shorebird conservation and our colleague Zestin Soh.

More about how Singapore is Shorebird Central.

5 Oct (Tue) and 6 Oct (Wed): Kayaking at Pulau Ubin with Kayakasia

Join Kayakasia to explore the mangroves of Pulau Ubin and see a part of Singapore only accessible by kayaks.
Suitable for beginners, families and kids.

20 Sept 2021

27 Sep (Mon): Kayak to Kusu-Lazarus with Kayakasia

This is a paddle of transcendental significance! First we land on the impermanent beach of Lazarus Island, which only appears during certain tides.
After getting your life back reconnecting with the outdoors, we head to Kusu Island to bask ourselves in the longevity of the resident turtles. If that is not enough, climb the 152 steps leading to the kramats (Malay holy shrines) and pray at the Tua Pek Kong (Chinese) temple. If nothing works, laze on the tranquil beach of Kusu and see life anew!

25 Sep (Sat): Kayak Sentosa with Kayakasia

Specially designed for those who would like to try out kayaking for the first time. Whether with your little one or your dog, this short morning paddle introduces the basics of sea kayaking. We even visit a WW2 fort and a couple of islands, all on the clear waters off Pulau Belakang Mati (Sentosa).

3 Sept 2021

8 Sep (Wed): Kayak Punggol to Ubin with Kayakasia

For families and beginners. An  easy trail that links Punggol, Pulau Serangoon (Coney Island), and Pulau Ubin!
Could be called the trail of mystery as we attempt to locate a crumbling villa, the German Girl Shrine, and one of the best look-out point on Pulau Ubin. This trail also takes you into the mangroves of the lesser known Sungai Teris.

Date: 8 Sep (Wed)
Duration: 7.30am - 12.30pm
Distance: 12 km
Level: Suitable for families & beginners
Start/End: Punggol Jetty
Price: $105 per person ($50 for kids under 12 years old
*inclusive all kayaking equipment (inflatable double kayak suitable for beginners), guides, complimentary late breakfast, & adventure

Registration: https://wa.me/message/QJCSHHRJIZQKM1 

2 Sept 2021

11 Sep (Sat): Talk on "Shorebirds of Ubin"

Join Mr David Li from NParks to learn how our shorebirds make their annual long-distance journey in search for warmer places to spend their winter. Pulau Ubin is one important stopover location for some of them.
More about how Singapore is Shorebird Central. This talk is held as part of Pesta Ubin.

Date: 11 Sep 2021 (Sat)
Time: 1:30pm
Cost: Free!

Watch for free on YouTube live NParks channel.

If you'd like to participate in the Q&A session, register online by 9 Sep 

More about Pesta Ubin.

4 Sep (Sat): FREE online sharing with Young Nautilus

Find out more about our marine life! Join Young Nautilus in this special online sharing as part of Pesta Ubin!

Date: 4 Sep 2021
Time: 11am, 12:30pm
Platform: Zoom
Cost: Free!
Pre-registration is required.
Event link: https://youngnautilusvirtual.whereby.com/young-nautilus (To be access on 4 Sep 2021)

More about Pesta Ubin.