Corsola the Coral on PokeZoology - The real life Pokemon of Singapore

Many Pokemon are based on real-world plants and animals, many of which can be found in Singapore. Says Sean Yap who has started PokeZoology - The real life Pokemon of Singapore, a blog to connect the Pokemon with their real life inspirations. Many of which can be found in Singapore.
Specially for International Year of the Reef, Sean features Corsola the Coral!

Find out how "despite Corsola’s cute and innocent facade, corals are actually vicious CARNIVORES, feeding on teeny weeny plankton by capturing them with ... mucus." Learn about this weird sex lives. How "Corals, despite being rock (insert Dwayne Johnson badassery here), are surprisingly fragile and there are many ways to kill them apart from global warming." And yes, Singapore GOT corals!

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PokeZoology - The real life Pokemon of Singapore is a blog by Sean Yap, a PhD student residing in Singapore. He says: "Mainly for my own exploration, but a nice bonus if this is entertaining to anyone who chances across this site. This is an adaptation from a Facebook album I started, which you can see here. My posts will mainly highlight the native biodiversity of Singapore, with some mention of international biodiversity when need be."

Thank you Sean!

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