7 Jul (Sat): Seringat Trail kayaking with Kayakasia

Great for beginners! "The best deserted beach in Singapore, by a mile!"
On this trip, we paddle from the beaches of Sentosa to Seringat Island, to laze on a white sand deserted beach. This is one of the most fun southern island trips we organised, with lots of kayaking, swimming, paddling, and enjoying tranquility. Also called the Pink Lagoon & Secret River trail...come find out why!

Volunteers needed for July 2018 marine litter survey

Here's a chance to visit some of our shores and make a difference for the marine litter issue! Volunteer for the NUS-NParks Marine Debris Monitoring Programme in July.
Photo by Liz Lim

24 Jun (Sun) is Ubin Day!

Pulau Ubin is the most special offshore island of Singapore. If you can only visit Ubin once, come on Ubin Day, the finale of four weeks of Pesta Ubin!
Pesta Ubin 2018: Ubin Day 24 June (Sun)
Here's some FREE activities where you can learn more about Ubin and make a difference for Ubin shores!

Sign the petition for World Seagrass Day!

Support the World Seagrass Association's bid for an international World Seagrass Day.
To raise awareness on the importance of seagrass meadows, threats to them, what happens if we lose them. A day of global recognition is a crucial step towards saving seagrasses.

Sign the petition (scroll to the bottom of the page).

Tales of Tekong

Come for these talks to learn more about Pulau Tekong from experts and a former Tekong resident. Free, no registration required.
21 Jul (Sat) in English on "Telling the Story of Tekong Through Historical Maps" by mapping research consultant Mok Ly Yng. 28 Jul (Sat) in Mandarin on "Remembering Tekong" by former Tekong resident, Mr. Ho Kim Hong and local author, Mr. Chen Poh Seng. 4 Aug (Sat) in Mandarin on "Pulau Tekong, Our Bygone Years" by brothers and former Tekong Island residents Lea Geuang Fiyau and Lea Guan Chong.

Sea cucumbers = healthy shores!

Sea cucumbers are animals and NOT vegetables as their common name suggests. A recent study of the Garlic bread sea cucumber found that they play a vital role in keeping shores healthy.
Garlic bread sea cucumber (Holothuria scabra)
Like giant vaccum cleaners, these sausage-like animals convert decomposing matter into nutrients. Similar to earthworms, as they burrow, they help maintain oxygen levels in the sediments despite higher water temperatures.

Here's a glimpse at some of the sea cucumbers of Singapore's seagrass meadows.

23 Jun (Sat): Fun with Marine Life! - a workshop for kids

Looking for some kid-friendly activities this school holidays? Want your kids to learn more about the marine life in Singapore? This June, Sea Our Shores is holding a FREE special workshop “Fun with Marine Life” just for kids!
In this 1 hour workshop, learn about the fascinating creatures that we can find on our Singapore Shores and even get to look at some specimens up close! Then, let your kids try your hand at some clay modelling to make their favorite marine animals.

While your kids are busy, we will be screening a movie “Project Wild Thing” just for parents!

Waves of Change Poster Design Competition 2018 - closes 6 July

Calling youths and kids: be part of the plastic waste solution! This competition is only open to those aged 7 – 25. Prizes up to $2,000. Submission deadline 6 July 2018.
Marine trash in Singapore is on the rise! In 2017, 100 volunteers collected as much as 500kg of marine trash during the three-hour Clean-up on Kayak event organised by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore! In fact, Southeast Asia has the highest amount of plastic trash in its waters and such plastic waste has even found its way into our food chain.

Join the MPA-SEC Waves of Change Poster Design Competition to inspire fellow Singaporeans to make a difference for our marine environment!

Competition details www.tinyurl.com/wavesofchangempa-sec

A 'citizen journalism' video on seagrasses in Singapore

One of our very own IYOR Intern have released a short video on seagrasses with the help of Ria Tan, Dr Neo Mei Lin and Dr Siti Maryam.
We hope this video is able to shed some knowledge to the public regarding the types of seagrasses and its habitat, as well as the ongoing conservation efforts. Enjoy!

Celebrate World Oceans Day in Singapore

8 June is World Oceans Day! In 2018, the Action Focus is preventing plastic pollution and encouraging solutions for a healthy ocean.
Around this Day, happenings on Singapore shores include Chek Jawa Open House, screening of a film about Sungei Tampines and plastic pollution, and walks at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve and  Coney Island, and a public talk by seagrass scientists. Here's more details...

YES! Singapore got dugongs!

A live dugong was spotted at Chek Jawa in 2013! Although the animal itself is rarely encountered, dugong feeding trails are commonly seen in Singapore's seagrass meadows. Even next to industrial facilities and at public beaches.
Dugong feeding trail in seagrass meadows, Cyrene Reef, Dec 2017
Dugong feeding trails on Cyrene Reef
next to Pasir Panjang Container Terminals, on 3 Dec 2017.
What are dugongs? And where can we get a chance to see them?

Sea turtles and dolphins in Singapore waters!

YES! Singapore got sea turtles and dolphins! Sightings shared in April-May included sea turtles in our reefs, a sea turtle nesting and her eggs rescued. But sadly, also a sea turtle found dead in a net.
Other interesting sightings shared include dolphins plus a baby dolphin, and a large ray.