Our Crazy Rich Shores: Kusu Island

Just 15 minutes from Singapore's main business district, are crazy rich reefs of Kusu Island.
Crazy Rich Shores: Kusu Island
At super low spring tides (which tend to happen before dawn), we get a brief glimpse of the amazing marine life found here. Kusu Island is also rich in history.

Our Crazy Rich Shores: Pulau Sekudu

Part of the Chek Jawa Wetlands that is managed by NParks, Pulau Sekudu, is a precious jewel.
Crazy Rich Shores: Pulau Sekudu
This tiny island hosts important habitats and teems with colourful marine life.

The Singapore Blue Plan 2018 is launched!


The Singapore Blue Plan 2018 has just been launched! You can DOWNLOAD the Plan and SUPPORT the Plan at the Singapore Blue Plan 2018 site!

A ground-up initiative that presents the vision of the Singapore marine community, the Singapore Blue Plan 2018 is led by marine biologists with the broad inclusion of marine scientists, stakeholders and members of the public. Altogether, there are more than 100 contributors to this document.

We are very grateful for Minister Desmond Lee's support and time at the launch! Here shows the multi-generations of local marine conservationists: (L-R) Mr Francis Lee, Professor Leo Tan, Dr Zeehan Jaafar, Dr Ow Yan Xiang, Professor Chou Loke Ming, Mr Desmond Lee, Dr Huang Danwei, Dr Jani Tanzil, Professor Peter Ng.

The supporters and brains behind this 3rd Singapore Blue Plan 2018. Credits: Mr Desmond Lee's FaceBook page.

Check out the various media outlets sharing about the Singapore Blue Plan 2018!

22-23 Oct: Sustainability Fair 2018 by Eco-SIM

Thanks to Eco-SIM and Tan Jia Hui for including Celebrating Singapore Shores in their upcoming annual flagship Sustainability Fair.
IYOR intern Choo Yi Feng will share
about our shores on 22 Oct (Mon) 3pm
Held at SIM campus it features environmentally friendly retailers selling hipster insta-worthy products to kickstart your eco-warrior journey, to governmental bodies and NGOs sharing their causes.

Mandai mangrove and mudflats to be Nature Park in mid-2022

Great news! NParks announced yesterday the Mandai mangroves and mudflats will be designated as a Nature Park.
Shorebirds at Mandai mangroves
These are  an important feeding and resting area for shorebirds, and home to many rare plants and animals. The shorebirds we see at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve depends on Mandai mangroves and mudflats (infographics by NParks).

October kayaking trips with Kayakasia: Seringat Trail and Ubin 2Rivers

14 Oct (Sun): Great for beginners! "The best deserted beach in Singapore, by a mile!"

20 Oct (Sat): Ubin 2Rivers Trail (with a hike to the tallest one!) This special trip will explore all of this intricate river systems, linking various waterways in a closed loop within the island.

Corals: The Builders of the Deep

Most people are unaware of the numerous coral reefs that live in Singapore's waters but Hantu blogger Aidan Mock aims to change that with his latest article on the reefs.
A photo of the Hantu reef from the Hantu Blog.
Aidan also interviews Singapore-based coral expert Jani Tanzil to learn more about the corals in Singapore. Where are they located? What exactly are corals? What threats do the Singaporean corals face? 
Detail of coral polyps (Favia spp.). Photo by Nicholas Chew
Find out more about these industrious construction workers of the ocean in this latest article from the Hantu blog!

7-13 Oct: Celebrate Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve's 25th Anniversary

Singapore's only wetland reserve is where die die, you can see crocodile (cross fingers). Flocks of awesome migratory birds, not to mention mudskippers, crabs and more!
Kids at Junior Wetlands, Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
Come celebrate our beautiful and vital Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve with a week of exciting happenings! Activities include wader watching, birdwatching, walks to enjoy the sunrise and sunset and a chance to get muddy in a survey for critters that live in the mud. For the kids, there will be storytelling, arts and crafts. Also talks, booths, exhibitions, learn and play stations. All activities for the celebrations are free, but some require registration. So book your place now!

30 Sep (Sun): FREE Talk on sea turtles by NParks

The last two decades have seen increasing research on sea turtle conservation in Southeast Asia, on topics including their biology and ecology, threats to their survival, and managing stable population levels.
Photo: NParks

Want to learn more about sea turtles and how you can help in conservation efforts? Join us for a free public talk this Sunday in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. The talk is free, no registration required!

17 Nov (Sat): Seven Stories of the Changi Area Through Historical Maps and Charts

Your chance to visit the Navy Museum at Changi Naval Base, and listen to Mr Mok Ly Yng share fascinating stories about Changi revealed in historical maps and charts.
The talk is FREE. Registration now open!

6 Oct (Sat): FREE talk "Tales of the Sea Turtles"

Sea turtles are long-lived marine animals that live in different habitats throughout their life.Though they were once abundant in our oceans, the same is not true today.
Follow the story of two sea turtles with Conservation International Singapore to understand the dangers they face and the uncertainty of their future, and what you can do to help them.

This talk is FREE, no registration required!