1 Sept 2021

8 Sep and 11 Sep: Virtual tour of "Human X Nature" for kids and teens

Specially for families, join this fun and interactive virtual tour of the National Library’s exhibition Human x Nature: Environmental Histories of Singapore.
Learn about the natural world and how local and colonial communities lived within and transformed the natural landscape in Singapore and the region. Through videos and live interactive activities, participants will be able to have a taste of the physical exhibition currently ongoing at the National Library.

8 Sep (Wed) 6-7pm: Register here
11 Sep (Sat) 11am-12noon: Register here

About the Exhibition: Human x Nature
To find out more about Singapore’s biodiversity heritage and how our past has shaped our approach to nature today, visit “Human x Nature: Environmental Histories of Singapore” exhibition at the National Library Building. Exhibition runs until 26 Sep 2021 and opens daily from 10am to 9pm. Visit www.go.gov.sg/hxn to learn more about the exhibition and www.go.gov.sg/hxnprogs for the full programmes listing.

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