29 Dec 2020

New children's books on our sea slugs and crabs!

Two wonderful new books for kids on our marine life, written and illustrated by Singapore students are now available as e-books, including animated video storytelling and a 'behind the scenes' look into the making of the books.
These books are part of the long running Raffles Ecological Literacy Programme, where students volunteer to create books about Singapore's wildlife, in partnership with local experts.

"The Sea Slug Who Could Cook"
by Jonas Chia, Xavier Leung, Cheryl Chan and Milton Lee

Who said that only humans could cook? It's not easy being a chef underwater, and the ocean's denizens are very picky indeed!

Follow Ollie's culinary adventures, as he tries to feed the many weird and wonderful sea slugs who are in search of their next meal.

"Crisis in the Crabital"
by Yeong Su Hui, Zhang Ziru, Sravani Somisetty and Cheyanne Wong

Let us take you on a magical journey through time, to the wondrous land of the Crabital. Nowhere else will you find another crab paradise like this, where crabs of all shapes and sizes thrive in harmony.

Life in the Crabital has always been peaceful until one fateful day, when the city was engulfed in a terrible crisis! It is now up to the four chosen crabs to save the city, but... will they be able to fulfil their mission?

Congratulations to Tan Sijie and the students of the Raffles Ecological Literacy Programme for another great book in a wonderful series of books on Singapore's biodiversity.

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