7 Sep (Sat): Project IsLand-A-Hand - Coney Island

Love the environment, keen to explore the wilderness of Coney, and want to make a difference? Join the volunteers of Outward Bound Singapore (OBS) for Project IsLand-A-Hand (PIAH) on 7 Sept 2019 as they lend a hand to protect our environment!
What's new this time? Look forward to interesting learning journeys - join guided nature trails and butterfly surveys at Coney Island. Come meet some of Singapore's environment advocates and learn what YOU can do to protect the environment.

FREE, sign up now at: https://tinyurl.com/OBSPIAHSept-19

From the registration page

This PIAH will be held entirely on Coney Island and this time round, we will be focusing more on the DAA of Coney Island: Discovery ~ Awareness ~ Appreciate.

Not to worry as there will STILL BE the signature PIAH activities, such as:
- Coastal Clean-up;
- Habitat Enhancement and;
- Tree Mulching
Also look forward to a new activity, Butterfly Survey!
Only if you had attended up the training on 24 Aug, so sign up now if you’re keen and if there are still available slots!

In addition, look forward to a guided Coney Island Trail by the students of a school partner and the use digital means to participate in a friendly competition to SSS Coney Island’s flora and fauna: Strategise ~ Search ~ See.

So look forward to this 7th edition of PIAH and details are as follows:
Date: Saturday, 7 September
Reporting Venue: OBS Reception and Activity Centre
Reporting Time: 8.00am
End Time: 3.00pm
- OBS Alumni T-shirt
- Recommended Long Pants
- Covered Shoes
Things to bring:
- Water Bottle
- Mosquito Repellant
- Sunblock
- Change of clothes (if you wish)
- Portable Power Bank
- Plate and utensils for lunch

As OBS is an environmental steward, we would not be providing any one-time use plates and utensils so please do bring you own plates and utensils that are non-disposable, for lunch.

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