[Spotlight on IYOR Interns!] Our Seas, Our Legacy by Nathaniel Soon

When you think of Singapore, the word 'marine conservation', 'marine biodiversity', and 'marine biology' would not be part of your lexicon. Growing up in highly urbanised Singapore, it is hard to imagine that we have much to see around Singapore waters (plus it's kind of murky and all!).

Quietly working over the years, a group of unsung marine heroes have been raising awareness of this unique natural heritage of Singapore waters. And one filmmaker is determined to make their voices and actions heard.

As part of the celebrations for International Year of the Reef 2018 in Singapore, the community initiative Celebrating Singapore Shores hosted young interns to platform their voices and ideas. Meet Nathaniel Soon, a 21-year old filmmaker, diver, and college freshman, who founded 'Our Seas, Our Legacy'.

This is what Nathaniel has to say:

Our Seas, Our Legacy is a documentary collective celebrating Singapore's marine environments and biodiversity through visual storytelling. In conjunction with the International Year of the Reef 2018, the collective has produced and launched its premiere documentary series featuring the good Singaporeans contributing towards conserving our marine environments. In the series, viewers dive into the uncharted waters of Singapore's conservation scene and witness the great work Singapore's unsung heroes have been doing to conserve our seas for generations to come.

The first episode, Between the Tides features our prominent chief, Ria Tan, the founder of WildSingapore.com, together with fellow volunteer Jonathan Tan and marine scientist Nicholas Yap!

Synopsis of Episode 1 - Between the Tides:

In the wee hours of the morning, volunteers join Ria Tan (Wild Singapore) on her frequent visits to Singapore's lesser-known offshore islands. Armed with cameras and brimming curiosity, I join these volunteers at Pulau Jong and Beting Bemban Besar reefs as they survey the rich biodiversity of our reefs BETWEEN THE TIDES. I also visited the Reef Ecology Lab at the Department of Biological Sciences (NUS) and got a rare close-up insight at how these efforts have gone on to support local scientific research through the years as well!

Follow his work on FaceBook and the release of the other two episodes!

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