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In this series of 'FOLLOW US!' we want to highlight interesting Instagram pages about Singapore's marine biodiversity and seashores that are worthy of following!

The St John's Island National Marine Laboratory, or affectionately known as SJINML (@sjinml) is our first and only offshore marine station in Singapore! Under the National Research Infrastructure (NRI) scheme, the SJINML is now open to ALL marine science researchers and educators!

About us: The marine lab was previously managed by National University of Singapore (NUS), which was opened on 3 October 2002 as a research facility of the Tropical Marine Science Institute, NUS. The facility was designated as a NRI on 28 March 2016.

For updates on Marine Science Research and Outreach, SJINML uses Instagram to feature our local marine biologists in action! For those interested in the research, education, and outreach, you can get in touch with SJINML here:

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