Survey: Have you seen any Sea Turtles around in Singapore waters and beaches?

Of lately, you have read about sea turtles hatching on the shores of Singapores! BUT have you personally seen them? If you have, here's your chance to contribute your precious sightings!

Joseph Cham and friend from the National University of Singapore are on a mission to collect sighting data of sea turtles in Singapore!

They are interested in YOUR sightings of sea turtles either when scuba diving or seen on shore (nesting sites).

Here is their personalised message:

"Hello! We are a group of two students from the National University of Singapore collecting sighting data of sea turtles in Singapore. Survey responses would be used be establish a first-of-its-kind database which will serve as a baseline dataset for future scientific work on sea turtles.

We strongly encourage anyone who has seen sea turtles in the past to respond to this short 2-minute survey!

Don't forget to share this survey with those you think might have encountered with a sea turtle (or sea turtleS!) in Singapore's waters.

Thank you for your unwavering support to Singapore's delicate marine life!"

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