Celebrating our shores for National Day!

This National Day, go kayaking in our mangroves and to the southern islands, save horseshoe crabs, join a mangrove tour or an intertidal walk on Sentosa's natural rocky shores. Or explore our shores on your own.
Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative
celebrated on Pulau Ubin
So many ways to celebrate our shores for National Day!

4 Aug (Sat): FREE Horseshoe Crab Rescue & Research Programme
Open to the Public - Registration Needed. Horseshoe Crabs (HSC) are in decline globally due to habitat loss, poaching and overfishing. NSS aims to continually monitor our local HSC population to ensure that they stay around for generations to come.

5 Aug (Sun): Seringat Trail kayaking with Kayakasia
Great for beginners! "The best deserted beach in Singapore, by a mile!" On this trip, we paddle from the beaches of Sentosa to Seringat Island, to laze on a white sand deserted beach. This is one of the most fun southern island trips we organised, with lots of kayaking, swimming, paddling, and enjoying tranquility. Also called the Pink Lagoon & Secret River trail...come find out why!

9 Aug (Thu): Paddling Sungei Khatib Bongsu with Kayakasia
A leisurely paddle into one of the last riverine mangrove on our shores. If you have never paddled before, this trip would be a good introduction. The kayakers will learn about the Giant Fig, snails, rubik cubes, lobsters, and why there are plenty of babies in the mangrove. Be inspired by the "beauty and brains" of this riverine system.

11 Aug (Sat): FREE What's in my mangroves?
Join this FREE guided walk of this unique mangrove wetlands located at the border of freshwater (river) and salt water (sea). Singapore used to have large areas of mangroves, but lost most of them to coastal development. Few mangroves are left in Singapore, one of which is at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.
Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve: Mangrove boardwalk

14 Aug (Tue): FREE Sentosa intertidal guided walk
Embark on an adventure along Sentosa's coastline with tour guides! One of Singapore’s last remaining coastal cliff and rocky shores, the Siloso Headland (also known as Tanjung Rimau) is a natural treasure trove on Sentosa. Home to corals, seagrass, and a wide variety of marine wildlife, Siloso Headland also boasts beautiful landscape with the original and aged old rock outcrop. Join the Siloso Headland Intertidal Programme, an intertidal adventure along Sentosa’s coastline with our guides, as they share fun facts of the marine life on our shores, and unravel the geological events that occurred since the Age of the Dinosaurs to form the Sentosa we know today.

Go wild on your own!

Explore our wild shores free-and-easy during the long weekends. Great destinations include Pulau Ubin and a wide range of seashores, mangroves and forest destinations. Download NParks' DIY guides to explore some parks and nature places on your own.

A tip for long weekends

Our wild places and parks can get VERY crowded on long weekends. The best way to avoid the crowds is to arrive early in the morning and leave early. Our wildlife is generally more active in the morning too!

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