Lepak in SG youths - making change for our shores!

Lepak in SG, youth leaders of the marine community, are featured in "Singaporeans Have A Heck-Care Attitude? These 30 Change-Makers Will Make You Think Again!" by A Good Space.
A Good Space says:
“The land full of kiasu, self-centred people” — a common description of Singaporeans familiar to all of us. Living in such a competitive and fast-paced society like Singapore’s, it is easy to feel cynical about our fellow “unfriendly” Singaporeans. Here are just 30 of the many inspiring stories that will make you have faith in humanity again. These citizens do not wait for the Government or institutions to solve our problems but took the initiative to handle these problems themselves.
At number 27 is Lepak in SG with their Sea our Shores workshop series for International Year of the Reef!

Tell us more about what you do!

We are a group of youths under LepakinSG who are passionate about spreading the love for our Singapore Shores. In conjunction with International Year of the Reef next year, we have started “Sea Our Shores”, a series of workshops with different themes that all relate to our shores.

Firstly, participants will learn more about our marine habitat. This includes inviting a guest speaker and visiting the marine park gallery. With their newfound knowledge about what is in our reefs, they will also start to think about how to save these habitats.

They will also learn many new things from each other! The discussion groups that they are in will allow them to hear each other’s views on why the reef interests them and how they want to play their part to save these habitats.

What made you want to do this?

Singapore may be an island that is surrounded by sea, yet few people know of the rich marine life our waters hold. Our marine habitats are in grave danger. The warming ocean has caused our coral reefs to bleach, and sedimentation as well as land reclamation all threaten to smother our shores. It breaks our heart that there is a possibility that we could lose all our precious ecosystems without anyone knowing about it.

Marine conservation has always been a struggle as the fact that it remains unseen makes it a lot less tangible. Hence, we felt that we want to let the public know what is in our waters and hopefully fall in love with the reef!

Go for an adventure and discover our marine life and coral reefs by joining them in their next workshop! To find out more, click on the link below: https://www.facebook.com/lepakinsg/

Join their upcoming Sea our Shores workshop!

What treasures lie within our shores? Join us for a night of insight as we hold a panel discussion with experts on how our shores benefit us!
We’ve invited speakers of diverse backgrounds to show us as many sides of our shores as possible, bringing them together with the theme of Treasures Of Our Shores.

Our esteemed panelists are:

Mr Azri Adri: As an artist, Mr Adri uncovers the intrinsic value of our shores. Bringing us on a journey to discover the inner beauty of the ocean, he sharing what inspiration they may bring to our lives.

Ms Liow Shen Yan: Everyone loves food! Especially seafood. Ms Liow from the Marine Stewardship Council will share more about how seafood can be kept sustainable so we can be more responsible consumers.

Dr Serena Teo: Often working in our shores, we will find out how our shores are special - being a major port and harbour, as well as some of the unique challenges we face an insightful sharing by Dr Teo on the World Harbours Project.

Mr Sivasothi: Fondly known as Otterman, Mr Sivasothi will share his knowledge about our local mangroves and shores, shedding light on the roles that our Singapore shores play on the international stage.

The event if FREE, but registration is required at https://goo.gl/forms/JhtOpgGH2E0xdKUL2

Date: 27 Apr (Fri)
Time: 7-9pm
Venue: Singapore Sustainability Academy, City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208539

This workshop is organised by youths of Lepak In SG for International Year of the Reef 2018 with the support of the Singapore Sustainability Academy.

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