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In this series of 'FOLLOW US!' we want to highlight interesting Instagram pages about Singapore's marine biodiversity and seashores that are worthy of following!

Here, we have TeamSeaGrass (@teamseagrass). Led by a small volunteer management team, TeamSeaGrass (TSG) currently has about 200 volunteers from all walks of life that regularly monitor the seagrasses on Singapore's shores. Started in 2007, TSG is a collaboration with the National Biodiversity Centre of the National Parks Board and international Seagrass-Watch, the largest scientific, non-destructive, seagrass assessment and monitoring programme in the world.

For the latest updates, TSG now regularly uses Instagram to capture what goes on during monitoring trips, and outreach events. For further information, do visit their website at

This year, TSG is contributing to a very special event - The 13th International Seagrass Biology Workshop in Singapore! Check out their website, Instagram isbw2018 (@isbw2018) and Twitter too!

Be sure to FOLLOW US! on TeamSeaGrass to get your dose of Singapore's marine wildlife!

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