Dunkirk the wild dolphin is released!

YES! Singapore got wild dolphins! Sadly, the most recent sighting of a dolphin was one that got entangled in a fishing line at Bedok Jetty yesterday (7 Apr 2018).
From media articles about the incident.
‎Fortunately, on 10 Apr, the dolphin (nicknamed Dunkirk) was released from its entanglements! Bravo to ACRES and all who helped.

Story of Dunkrik the Dolphin

Daniel Sim‎ posted to Nature Society (Singapore) on 7 Apr 2018

This is what happened this morning at ECP bedok jetty. An angler caught the Dolphin with his fishing rod and tried to reel it in. Many people told him to cut his line but he didn’t want to. I called ACRES to come help save the dolphin. The guy finally cut his line and the dolphin slowly swam away. It seems that the hook was caught at the tail with some seaweed on it. Hope it will be able to get rid of the debris from it’s tail and rejoin it’s family soon.

According to media articles, "The rescue team managed to remove the object from the dolphin, and found it to be fish net weighing a total of eight kilograms. The net had fishing weights attached to it as well."
More in media articles about Dunkirk the Dolphin and media article about its release.

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