10 Feb (Sat): AQUA TALKS - Recap on The Heroic Journey of Sea Turtles

Missed out on the Sea Turtle talk yesterday? Here's a recap of what went on during the talk!🐢
Hawksbill turtle. Photo credit to National Parks Board.
Rushan, aka Sea Turtle Man, is currently studying his Bachelor's degree in Murdoch University. His final year project is about sea turtles! Rushan captivated the crowd with his stories of how sea turtles start out as young hatchlings emerging from their burrow, making a frenzy for the waterline before getting eaten, and surviving in the big open ocean before returning home to reproduce more of themselves!

Rushan sharing the story of Cassie,
an Olive Ridley Sea Turtle, rescued and rehabilitated at the Maldives. 

Fun Facts about Sea Turtles:

- The gender differentiation of sea turtle hatchlings is dependent on temperature. At cooler temperatures, you get males, and at warmer temperatures, you get females! One way to remember it? Cool dude, and hot chicks!😎

- Singapore is possibly an important stopover point for sea turtles, as we are located in regional management units of sea turtles (aka Turtle Highways!)

- Yes! We have sea turtles coming to Singapore shores for nesting. If you see one, please respect the animal, keep your distance, and call the National Parks Board. That means no poking and no flash photography!
Behind Rushan, a video of sea turtle hatchlings
emerging from the burrow!

Just in the month of January 2018, sea turtles in Singapore have made the headlines a few times!

Here are some of them:

26 Jan 2018: More sightings of critically endangered hawksbill turtles in Singapore by The Straits Times

26 Jan 2018: Hawksbill turtle rescued from brink of death released back into the wild by TODAYonline

26 Jan 2018: Rescued baby hawksbill turtle released back into the wild by Channel News Asia

23 Jan 2018: Over 100 endangered turtles hatch in Singapore by AsiaOne

19 Jan 2018: 106 critically endangered hawksbill turtles hatch on Sentosa's Tanjong Beach by The Straits Times
Audience listening in closely on Sea Turtle Biology 101.

Here's why you shouldn't miss out on the next one!

  • Meet our local researchers working in the field of marine biology, and learn the secrets of the marine life in Singapore! 
  • Meet like-minded people and chat over food and drinks! 
  • Non-alcoholic drinks, finger food (yummy chicken wings, french fries) and PIZZAS are on the house! Courtesy of the sponsors. 
  • Grab some freebies such as the limited copies of "Singapore Southern Islands Guidesheets" from Wildsingapore and limited editions 'Soxy' creatures! 
  • Kids-friendly talk and environment!

Food and non-alcoholic drinks are provided! Courtesy of the sponsors.


Last copies of the Southern Island Guidesheets (Poster form).

'Soxy' sea turtle! Take me home!

Heart sea turtles.

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To those who joined us, thank you! We hoped that you had enjoyed the talk as much as we did.

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