What can you expect? As Celebrating Singapore Shores begins

Happy New Year as International Year of the Reef 2018 begins! And the Singapore marine community comes together to celebrate all our shores.
Balik Chek Jawa for Pesta Ubin 2017
The marine community coming together to share about Chek Jawa in 2017.

Please join us as we celebrate Singapore's shores!

Monthly workshops

You can expect monthly FREE workshops by youths of Lepak In SG! Join their upcoming 20 Jan 2018 (Sat) workshop at Pulau Ubin to learn more about mangrove restoration there and contribute your ideas!
Sea Our Shores Workshop on IYOR outreach by Lepak in SG, 17 Dec 2017
Youths at the first IYOR workshop on outreach held in Dec 2017.

Lots of other activities

Find an activity that suits your schedule and interest. There will be many FREE activities, suitable for kids and the family. Learn about our shore heritage, or participate in citizen science. Go diving, kayaking or join walks, talks, workshops, performances
Public walk at Sisters Island Marine Park (14 Aug 2014)
Families at the FREE public walk at the Sisters Islands Marine Park

Learn more about Singapore shores

Singapore got marine life meh? Find out through events and regular posts on this blog and our facebook page. Learn more about Singapore's shores, from mangroves and seagrass meadows, to reefs and even the marine life that have settled on our artificial shores.

Seashore ID, can?

Need to identify a seashore plant or animal seen on Singapore's shores? Just send the photo of it to this facebook group: Seashore ID, can?

Make a difference for Singapore shores

Choose to change your lifestyle that will help our shores and the world beyond.

Volunteer with a wide variety of interesting and meaningful work being done for our shores. From diving to intertidal citizen science work, coastal cleanup to guiding and helping out at shore parks.

Specially for readers of this blog: Join the Celebrating Singapore Shores mailing list. Get your email added to our mailing list for updates on adhoc volunteer opportunities. Register your interest in this form.

IYOR 2018 internships will be available throughout 2018.  Who can apply for the internship? Anyone who cares about Singapore's shores, who wants to make a real difference and is able to commit time is welcomed to apply as an intern. Every applicant will be contacted for an interview. Please apply through this form, through which you can also ask questions about the internship.
IYOR interns on Cyrene Reef
IYOR interns on Cyrene Reef!

Please join us as we celebrate Singapore's shores!

Do you have suggestions and ideas for celebrating IYOR 2018? We'd love to hear from you.

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