Volunteers needed for Jan 2018 marine litter survey

Here's a chance to visit some of our shores and make a difference for the marine litter issue! Volunteer for the NUS-NParks Marine Debris Monitoring Programme.
Trash on Pasir Ris shore

Jan 2018 venues and dates and registration links

About the programme

The NUS-NParks Marine Debris Monitoring Programme (2017-2019) is a citizen science programme. It engages volunteers, schools, and organizations to collect data on marine debris found on Singapore’s beaches.
Trash at Seletar
Data on both macro-debris (>5 mm) and microplastics (1 – 5 mm) will be collected from 20 quadrats (2.5 m by 2.5 m) at several sites every month to determine the trend of marine debris.
Trash on Pasir Ris shore
These data collected would form the national baseline of marine debris for Singapore which would help inform decision-making and policy development.
Oil-slicked Tanah Merah: Litter is a problem too!
Research sampling kit and cleanup supplies such as trash bags and gloves will be provided.

To get updates of future sampling events, please fill up this form

More details on the January surveys and more about the programme in general. Or contact Joleen at joleen.chan@nus.edu.sg

Thanks to Liz Lim for sharing what happened during one of the surveys.

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