Marine BioBlitz at the Sisters Islands Marine Park

For experienced scuba divers who want to help document the marine biodiversity of Singapore!

Thanks to Chay Hoon, here's a glimpse of the first Marine BioBlitz held in Jan 2018.

Debby Ng of the Hantu Bloggers also shared an encounter with the Neptune's Cup sponge, which was once thought to be extinct.

Stephen Beng shared photos of divers involved in the Marine Bioblitz.

What is the Marine BioBlitz and how can I join in?

From the NParks website (as at 25 Jan 2018)

Marine Bioblitz is an opportunity for experienced scuba divers to help document the biodiversity of Singapore, with opportunities to interact with marine biologists.

Registration & guidelines for activity organisers provided; please email for programme updates and registration details.

Jan: 23rd
Feb: 8th
Mar: 4th
Apr: 3rd
May: 27th - 29th
Jun: 24th
Jul: 22nd
Aug: 19th
Sep: 1st
Oct: 23rd
Nov: 2nd
Dec: 13th

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