6 tips on being a responsible traveller

Photo taken from The Dorsal Effect

Love island hopping and snorkelling, and want to do it without harming marine life? Whether it's around Thailand's famous James Bond islands and Phi Phi islands; it surely is hard to resist those clear blue waters and fishes!

The Dorsal Effect featured these 6 simple tips to becoming a responsible traveller:

  1. Use reef-safe sunscreen such as Badger, Stream2sea, All Good, Mama Kuleana, Manda
  2. Do not step on the coral reefs
  3. Do not touch or disturb any marine animals
  4. Do not feed the fishes
  5. Do not pick up shells
  6. Do not litter i.e. plastic cutlery, bags, cigarette butts

Keep in mind these are the places you paid specifically to visit! Paying a little more for a reef friendly sunscreen and giving a little more attention to your surroundings and your behaviour goes a long way in preserving those clear blue waters, diverse marine life and coral reefs!

Remember, no matter how insignificant you think you are, anyone and everyone can make a difference. 

This post was adapted from a post first published on The Dorsal Effect

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