Lessons from IYOR outreach workshop

Photo by Ria Tan
Kudos to team Lepak In SG for organising the first outreach workshop (called Sea Our Shores) on 17 December 2017 in preparation for International Year of the Reef in 2018! As people concerned about the state of our marine environments, we've got to learn how to convey our message across to different audiences so more people can know about marine issues. 

Read about the highlights of the workshop in a blog post by Little Green Men, which includes an introduction to what IYOR 2018 is all about and how we in Singapore are getting involved in the worldwide effort to protect our shores.

Some useful advice shared by Dr Neo Mei Lin during the workshop:

Tips for Writers
  1. Dump the jargon
  2. Beware the "curse of knowledge" 
  3. Avoid absolutes such as "will" and "must"; replace with "perhaps" or "likely"
  4. Avoid over-using numbers/statistics
  5. Keep sentences in bite sizes and simple!
  6. Use metaphors and analogies, and where possible, use humour
  7. Declutter — less is more!
Tips for Speakers
  1. Avoid making your talk sound like a sales pitch or ramble
  2. Make eye contact, right from the start
  3. Make your audience laugh! Share your own anecdotes.
  4. Tell a story. The best stories are those about you personally or about people close to you.
  5. Prepare a script for your presentation!
  6. Practise, practise, practise
Photo by Ria Tan

A big thank you to all those who attended the workshop, brought finger food for sharing, and The Red Box for sponsoring a venue! Thanks also to Ria for bringing lots of books for a free giveaway to participants. 

This post was adapted from a post first published on Little Green Men.

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