5 things you can do for our oceans

Photo by Frances Loke Wei

There's a lot we can do as individuals that can make a huge collective impact on our environment. Frances Loke Wei highlights 5 habits you can take up to get started on protecting our oceans, in a Little Green Men blog post. In a nutshell:

  1. Bring your own (BYO)
    • Did you know? You get spending perks from many cafes, restaurants, and supermarkets when you bring your own dapao box and cutlery? See the full list of supporting merchants on the BYO Singapore website here.
  2. Ditch the straw
  3. Don't litter
  4. Interact with the environment
  5. Spread the word

Photo by Frances Loke Wei
Photo by Frances Loke Wei
How will these efforts help? The bulk of human-made marine debris consists of plastics and other synthetic materials like styrofoam. It might seem like a global problem too big to solve on your own, but you can make a difference as a consumer and an individual. You have the power to bring your own reusable bags, cutlery, lunchboxes (or at least Corn Ware), make the right choices in consumption, and learn more about our responsibility as individuals!

"When you BYO, you’re dumping one less piece of plastic or styrofoam into the waste management system, reducing the chances of one-use, non-biodegradable disposables from ever reaching our waterways that lead out to the seas and break down into microplastics."

This post was adapted from a post first published on Little Green Men.

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